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BUBL is an innovative powder that will make your bathroom experience perfect. BUBL is created to ensure your Privacy and Discretion, eliminates unpleasant Odors, and makes your bathroom an inviting atmosphere place by distributing fresh fragrance. BUBL’s unique foam acts as a sound barrier, muffling any noises during bathroom use, granting you relaxation and peace of mind. BUBL Promotes Hygiene and Cleanliness by preventing water splashing, keeping the bathroom area hygienic and spotless, and Leaves No Residue.

Using BUBL is effortlessly. Before sitting on the toilet slightly shake the bag back and forth from the top, tear open a single packet & sprinkle it into the toilet bowl before using it. Upon contact with water, a thick layer of foam forms instantly. Go through your normal routine of going to the bathroom. Flush the toilet as usual when done and discard the empty packet. To get the best effect pour the contents of the bag into the toilet water only.

BUBL is made for use in every bathroom. You can use it at your home and at any public place. BUBL’s small-size packet enables you to take it with you everywhere you go so you can put it in your bag, pocket, or even purse and use it in any bathroom when needed. The product fits all types of toilets and is safe for all toilets including septic tanks.

BUBL is made of special disinfecting cleaning ingredients that react instantly with the water and create a thick foam layer and fresh fragrance over time. The product contains disinfecting agents that leave the toilet clean after every use. BUBL is composed of Baking Soda, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate (Aeo-9), Citric Acid and fragrances- Jasmine, Lavender, Sweet orange.

Our main components are extracted from plants and are environmentally friendly ingredients: as Citric Acid –(Natural organic, easy to break down and environmentally friendly), Baking Soda- (Safe and environmentally friendly natural non-toxic), and Pigment which extracted from plants. BUBL’s packets are made of craft paper, a recyclable packaging material.

BUBL’s Fragrances will make your bathroom always stay fresh and inviting. 

Our Lavender fragrance has a subtly sweet aroma that is pleasing. It carries a gentle, natural floral scent that will make you feel relaxed, tranquil, and at peace. The Lavender fragrance will impart a sensation of cleanliness and freshness in your bathroom, thanks to its soothing and aromatic qualities.

Our Jasmine fragrance is a sweet, exotic, and intensely floral scent. It exudes aroma which can have calming and stress-relieving effects. This delightful fragrance will enhance the happiness and positivity in your bathroom, thanks to its pleasant and uplifting nature.

Our Sweet Orange fragrance is stronger than the other fragrances. It imparts a feeling of freshness and often brings a sense of joy and happiness. Sweet orange is renowned for its irresistible charm and the unique ability to neutralize other odors.

BUBL comes with 3 different fragrances – Jasmine, Lavender & Sweet orange.
BUBL TO GO -2 packets with the same fragrance.
BUBL PERSONAL PACKAGE- one package that contains 10 packets.
BUBL TRIPLE PACKAGE– 3 packages each contain 10 packets.
BUBL PREMIUM PACKAGE– 5 packages that each contain 10 packets.
BUBL SUPER PREMIUM PACKAGE– 10 packages that each contain 10 packets.

BUBL packet weighs 68 grams (2.4 oz) and each package contains 10 packets weighs 730 grams (25.75 oz)

With BUBL you can enjoy a worry-free experience. BUBL muffles the noises, prevents splash and spreads lovely fragrance while the use and after without worry of leaving a bad smell BUBL leaves no residue and saves you the hassle of cleaning and disinfecting after every use. BUBL will upgrade your quality of life by giving you a best experience while in use and after.

Each time you want to enjoy an exceptional bathroom experience. The more you use the more your bathroom will be cleaner, disinfected, and hygienic with an inviting atmosphere.

Everyone can enjoy using BUBL! Whether you’re in a relationship, share an apartment with partners, at a workplace, on a vacation, at school & Universities, when hosting family and friends. BUBL is also very useful for people who experience medical issues related to their digestive system and intestines. Parents can use BUBL to make the potty-to-toilet transition fun for children. The colored foam (Jasmine-light blue, Lavender-purple, Sweet Orange-orange) not only motivates but also adds joy to the process. BUBL will grant you the full confidence to use any bathroom anytime with no embarrassment.

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BUBL is a worldwide patent, the only product in the world that solves the splashes and gives such a comprehensive solution for all problems we encounter daily while using the bathroom. BUBL’s foam layer traps the bad smell and provides great smells while using the bathroom. Our product is a portable solution which you can use in any bathroom without having any contact with the toilet.

Of course, BUBL’s unique foam will function especially in those cases when the splash is violent, and it is needed to disinfect the bathroom after any use very well.

On the contrary, the powder dissolves in the water after usage and even helps in removing sticking dirt from the pipes. BUBL washes away and leaves a trail of white foam bubbles after the use. Daily use of BUBL keeps toilets cleaner, whiter, and more sanitized.

Store the product in a cool and dry place in every restroom. It’s important to mention to keep the product away from children’s reach.

Prevents any unwanted Embarrassing situations at work or in personal life


Our product reduces the health risks posed by toilet water bacteria for a safer & healthier bathroom


Prevents dirt formation on the toilet bowl’s sides for a hassle-free and sanitary


Prevents any unwanted splashes from reaching sensitive areas of your body


Reduces the sound of waste falling into the water for a more peaceful bathroom experience



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Our product not only prevents unpleasant odors but also infuses the space with a unique and delightful fragrance