The Wonder Powder Of BUBL

Introducing our innovative product - The ultimate solution to toilet-related embarrassment and discomfort

BUBL is a worldwide patent pending that creates an exceptional bathroom experience while using the bathroom and after. With BUBL you can sit in pleasure and enjoy a unique bathroom experience assuring a complete discretion & privacy while keeping everything clean and maintain hygiene. BUBL revolutionary solution provides a worry-free bathroom experience that will enable you to do “your business” in peace of mind everywhere & anytime with no concerns or embarrassment.
BUBL’s foam acts as a sound barrier, muffling any noises during bathroom use, prevents water splashing, eliminate bad odors and leaving the restroom fresh with good smells, leaves no residue and disinfects.

Many studies and surveys that have been conducted prove the embarrassment that people experience when they leave behind unpleasant aromas when leaving the bathroom or when various noises penetrate through the bathroom doors. Outside the bathroom door, there are other people who do not hesitate to give the strange look that creates the inevitable embarrassment.

Our uniqueness

BUBL is the only product in the world that grants such a comprehensive solution for all problems we encounter daily while using the bathroom and the first and only to provide a solution for the backsplash.

Unlike other products that only address one or two problems, BUBL offers a complete solution to ensure 100% comfort and confidence when using the restroom. BUBL ensures a complete elimination of embarrassment and a significant improvement in user experience and hygiene

By using BUBL you will not only leave after the use good smells you’ll also enjoy the fragrances while sitting on the toilet. Using BUBL in a continuous will keep your toilets always clean and shine without the need of using a toilet brush. Enjoy the new way to use the toilet in the 21st century with BUBL!

Our uniqueness

Our Mission

Ensuring that every single user has a clean, pleasant, and embarrassment-free experience in both private and public restrooms.

Our ultimate goal is to provide individuals with the freedom to defecate without fear of embarrassing situations in various settings, including at home, work, with family and friends, or in public places.

Prevents any unwanted Embarrassing situations at work or in personal life


Our product reduces the health risks posed by toilet water bacteria for a safer & healthier bathroom


Prevents dirt formation on the toilet bowl’s sides for a hassle-free and sanitary


Prevents any unwanted splashes from reaching sensitive areas of your body


Reduces the sound of waste falling into the water for a more peaceful bathroom experience



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Our product not only prevents unpleasant odors but also infuses the space with a unique and delightful fragrance